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SAWA-Australia expresses our deepest concern for the safety of all civilians in Afghanistan, particularly for the women and children who will suffer the most under the Taliban regime.

We are devastated at the outcome of events in Afghanistan in recent days, and heart-broken for the welfare of the women we have supported. The future for these women and their families is extremely grim with the closing of all schools and institutions, and the imminent enforcement of laws designed to remove all human rights that women have struggled to achieve over decades.

SAWA-Australia stands in solidarity with the Afghan people. We support all efforts being taken by many nations around the world to enable the safe and speedy evacuation of all Afghan nationals who wish to leave the country. We have written to the Australian Government urging them to bring to Australia all those who have worked with our Embassy and troops, and other people who will be at extreme risk.

The following link provides important information and opportunities for Australians to take action. We urge SAWA members and supporters to write letters, sign petitions, participate in campaigns and/or provide donations to any of the organisations listed.

Daily news, emails and photos are also available on a blog set up by Gali Weiss, the Australian artist who connected with many women in Afghanistan during the course of the ‘Making Marks’ collaborative art project which she facilitated. Gali is currently receiving, and sharing, emails and texts from women in Afghanistan who want people in Australia to hear their stories. The link to the blog is:

SAWA welcomes news and suggestions from our members and supporters. 
If there is anything you believe we can do as an organization to continue to support the women of Afghanistan at the present time, or in the immediate future, please contact us at: