Projects - Birthing Kits

SAWA-NSW sources birthing kit components from the Birthing Kit Foundation (Adelaide Hills Club of Zonta International).

In recent years SAWA groups in Castlemaine, Adelaide and Sydney have organized the delivery of 4,000 Zonta birthing kits to RAWA for distribution to pregnant women throughout rural Afghanistan.

Since 2012, SAWA-NSW has purchased and packed 1.000 kits each year, on the Monday preceding International Women’s Day in March.

The Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia) is an organisation dedicated to improving the conditions for women who give birth at home in developing countries.

"Every minute, a woman dies of complications related to pregnancy and childbirth".

With an estimated 385,000 women dying annually in childbirth, many from infections acquired during childbirth, there is a great need for our clean birthing kits.

Most women we assist for reasons of isolation, cultural choice or poor transport have little or no assistance during childbirth. Many mothers and babies die from preventable infections. By providing a clean birthing kit and training in how to use it, these mothers will have the resources to reduce infection.

The Birthing Kit Foundation is a not-for-profit non-government organisation (NGO) that provides birthing kits and education in clean birthing practices. They have no religious or political affiliations.

 About the birthing kits

The birthing kit addresses the 7 cleans needed for a safe delivery. The kits are basic with 6 items. A plastic sheet, soap, 2 gloves, sterile scalpel blade, 3 cords and 5 gauze squares. These items are assembled into a small bag at an Assembly Day.

Volunteers packing birthing kits 2017