Become a Volunteer

SAWA-Australia (NSW) welcomes all volunteers as we are a group of volunteers.

Everything SAWA-Australia (NSW) does is done by volunteers.

We need volunteers who may have experience in media production, media releases, computer skills eg computer graphics, printing, fund raising, P.R. or marketing.

While we do have a small group of volunteers with some of these skills we welcome all offers to help share the load.

We need volunteers for general office chores eg addressing envelopes.

We need volunteers to undertake fundraising events such as hosting dinners where the diners pay the amount they would pay in a restaurant; students, teachers and parents fundraising in schools through social justice days/terms.

If you belong to a book group, church group, social group or any network interested in human rights please consider volunteering a fundraising function for SAWA-NSW.

There are many other fundraising activities which could be undertaken.

Contact us at

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Click here to download our volunteer pdf form