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Kazakh hats

Other artisanal goods options: Cushion covers, Indian dolls.

 Kazakh hats

These hats were hand-made in Mongolia and given to us for fundraising. They are typically worn in Kazakhstan and by the ethnic Kazakh community in Afghanistan.

$15 each plus postage

You have the option to select the hat of your choice. The list gives the circumference of each hat. The selection is only possible of you order a single hat only. To order several particular hats you have to identify them in a customer note during checkout. Hats no longer listed in the selection dropdown have already been sold.

Nr. 1:   58 cm sold
Nr. 2:   56 cm sold
Nr. 3:   58 cm sold
Nr. 4:   58 cm sold
Nr. 5:   57 cm sold
Nr. 6:   55 cm sold
Nr. 7:   55 cm
Nr. 8:   59 cm sold
Nr. 9:   57 cm
Nr. 10:  56 cm sold

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