Fahima, literacy teacher


I am a mother of nine children who are drifting in a boat on an ocean which has no island, waiting and wondering for the future of my beautiful children, what will be their future?
I lost my husband in 2003 due to a sickness which he faced. But since that time I promised to struggle and keep up my resistance, to show my children that you have not lost your father, but your mother is playing the role of both mother and father, and I am trying to do what I have promised my children.
Beside all difficulties that I am facing, for example homeless, financial problems etc, I send all of them to school. I am trying to provide them with all facilities that a child of their ages needs, but no one can understand how I could do this, only God knows my problems and the life I am passing through. I smile at my children to show them that everything is okay, but I am crying inside. I wake up early in the morning doing several works in order to cover more or less the expenses of the children.

I graduated fromĀ Nasima Shaheed High School in Khewa Refugee Camp in Peshawar, Pakistan. After graduation I worked as a teacher in the same school for some time. After I came back to Afghanistan I worked as an employee of a Peace Reconstruction project. I have been teaching in OPAWC's Literacy Course for many years now. I am happy to work in this organization as I observe that they are working to save and bring changes to the lives of poor women like me, and also I am happy to teach women who are the most important part of society but the most forgotten ones. I am proud to say that I have graduated many hundred women through OPAWC and they learnt how to read and write and they feel changes in their lives. This was my goal, to support my people, especially women, in any field that I could.

I am thankful to the leadership and members of OPAWC. They support me whenever I faced bad days, their good and kind attitude towards us make us work more actively day and night, honestly. I wish that all their goals and desires come true.

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