Frishta, sewing teacher


I have four sisters and one brother. I lost my father when I was a child. When the Taliban came we lost everything and had to move to Pakistan. We returned to Afghanistan in 2002 and were faced with many problems and had nothing for living.

Despite hundreds of problems I managed to go to school and completed it successfully but could not continue with higher education.

I joined OPAWC in 2009 when I was 18 years old and have been a sewing instructor ever since. Teaching at OPAWC’s Vocational Training Centre was an opportunity that changed my life and kept the hope alive for me.

My mother and small sister are sick, and with the money I receive from OPAWC I treat my mother and sister. I joined one of the nursing institutes in Kabul, but unfortunately my brother didn’t give me permission to work at a hospital, so my aim remains unfulfilled.

However I am glad that I can serve the suffering women of my country by teaching sewing and enabling them to make a living.

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