Zarmina Sakhi

ZarminaMy name is Zarmina; I am 18 years old and the younger sister of Zarin Taj. We graduated together from the same school. My live has changed very much since I came to the orphanage. If I would not have joined the orphanage I, like many of my Afghan female peers, would have faced many of problems. Maybe I would have been married; maybe I would have stopped studying and remained illiterate for the rest of my life. I am actually proud of myself right now. I did very well at school and learned many things that I never imagined.

My mother’s death has been veery difficult for me, but now I am coping. I started to get interested in art especially in reading poems and making sculptures. I want to attend a university of fine arts with tuition in making statues. I would love to become an artist and use my art to create a better situation for the women of my country.

Zarmina is the head of the Educational Team of the orphanages. She deals with the teachers and makes sure that teachers come regularly to the orphanages and teach well and that the students attend the classes. She wants to enrol at the Department of Sculpture of Kabul University.