Saeeda Safi


My name is Saeeda. I was born in a Peshawar refugee camp where I attended an Afghan school for refugees. My family had a hard life there and eventually moved to Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban regime. My hometown is called Dar-e-Noor, which is a very poor area northeast of Jalalabad.

I first joined an AFCECO orphanage in Jalalabad, and after the orphanage closed down I moved to an orphanage in Kabul. I graduated from high school in early 2015 and started working, just like other AFCECO university students. I now work in AFCECO’s finance department as an accountant.

I like to study Pashto literature, which is a two year degree program. I also like playing football and am the goal keeper in AFCECO's girl football team. In that role I won several awards in different tournaments and competitions with other teams across Kabul.

Saeeda works as Accountant Officer in the finance office. She is enrolled at the Sayed Jamaldin University and studies Pashto literature.

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