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The new ambulance donated by SAWA-Australia (SA)

old ambulanceWhen Hamoon Clinic was established it was fortunate to receive a second-hand ambulance from an organization in Germany. The ambulance delivered essential services to remote villages and took seriously ill patients to hospitals in Herat for many years, but after a decade of reliable service the roads and tracks of Farah province brought an end to its life, and the clinic was without an ambulance.

In 2013 OPAWC identified the need for a new ambulance as the highest priority for the continued operation of Hamoon Clinic but did not have the funds to obtain one. SAWA-Australia (SA) responded to the need by running a crowd funding drive from December 2013 to February 2014 to raise $12,500. (See OPAWC director Latifa Ahmady wrote:

"Hamoon Health Centre has been a beacon of hope for the poor and suffering women of Farah province for years. But the only reliable clinic of the province is in need of support to serve these women better. An ambulance is very urgently needed at the moment. Last month a woman lost her precious life during child birth while she was been moved from a district to the centre. If Hamoon had had an ambulance it could have saved the lives of the woman and her child."

new ambulanceBy mid-February donations from more than 120 supporters had reached $15,000. Latifa emailed us to say:

"We express our deepest thanks to all those human loving supporters who contributed in raising fund for the ambulance, we will make sure that every penny of your support will be used to save the lives of these handcuffed women in Farah province."

Two months later she could hand over the new ambulance to the clinic. The photos from the handing-over ceremony show many happy faces: Hamoon Clinic can again serve the rural community and transfer urgent cases to Herat.