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Patients of the Hamoon Health Centre

ShabnamShabnam Saleh

I am a woman of 6 children; I lost my husband two months ago* in NATO air strikes. I lost my house, property, everything I had in my life. Now I am living in a bad condition. I cannot work because I have been injured on one hand during the bombing, and I am illiterate. Most of the time I am thinking what should I do with these children. Our neighbors give us some food sometimes but not always. I used to work, washing and cleaning in houses near me, though it is hard for me to do so. But I force myself and want my children not to die because of hunger. My oldest son is 14 years old, he used to sell plastic or something like that. Because of my bad situation my children cannot go to school; three children go begging. I am passing through a bad period in my life. Sometimes I fear that my children may take to drugs.

Although I am living far away I bring my children to Hamoon Clinic for treatment. Hamoon Clinic supports poor and forlorn women like me. Most of the time when I come to Hamoon the doctors behave well with us, they treat us in a good way and give us medicine. I am thankful to OPAWC for establishing this health center for the poor. I want to say please if you can establish other fields of treatment in the clinic; for example, I have pain in my back , my bones have problems,and other people like me have bones broken or injuries from bombing, but Hamoom Clinic does not have facilities for this. I hope that OPAWC will continue its good work. We trust OPAWC and its Clinic, thank you so much.

* about November 2011

ZainabZainab Ali

My story is a sad one. When I was a small girl I lost my mother, so I was supposed to be in charge of all the responsibilities in the house and to look after my younger brother and sisters. My father and my brother didn’t let me go to school, so I remained illiterate, was married and had children. Soon my sorrows grew more and more. We were living in Iran as immigrants, there my husband had a job, not a very much good one, but it was okay. In Iran I was worried about my husband, because young boys who come to work in Iran yake to drugs and the Iranian people didn’t treat Afghans well.

Because of these problems, which always disturbed us, we decided to come to Afghanistan. As we arrived in our country I was even more sad because there was no job for my husband and my children could not go to school because of the unsafe situation. Soon my husband started to use drugs; I was fighting with him most of the time, but it was useless. Finally I lost my husband because of unemployment; now he is like a mad person who needs the support of others, and I remain alone with my three kids.

For medical issues I come to Hamoon Health Center, the only reliable clinic in our society. They give us medicine without fee, when other private clinics take 200 Afghanis as fee, and the medicine they give to patients is not of good quality and also too expensive. Every time I come to Hamoon, I myself or my children, the medicine I receive is very effective for us. I want to express my thanks to the leadership of OPAWC and Hamoon's staff for their good job, for helping women like me. Thanks.

ShahShah bibi-Said alam

A mother who lost her three young sons, who lost 15 other members of her family during bombing raids of the USA, what do you expect she has in her life? I am full of pain, sorrows. I want to die, there is fire in my heart, I am burning for my handsome sons. Their children have become orphans. I bring the children to this clinic many times. Thank you, OPAWC, for running this clinic, it is really needed for this poor society of mostly widows and orphans; they give the children medicine and some food like cereals, this support reduces my financial problem.

I was sick, several times I went to private clinics, but the medicine didn’t bring any changes. I have come from Roken, a district of Farah, I have come by foot as there are no hire cars in my village. It took hours to arrive in the center of the city. But when I come to this clinic, I feel a little better, as I can see other women who have pain like me, who lost members of their family, too. The clinic personnel are good people, they know how to talk with a mother full of pain, they treat me very well, they listen to my stories and always give me a chance to get a registration number. I am praying for all of you, God may bless you for your help and support. We poor and lonely women need your help, please don't forget us, we are in need of your support. I want to say if it is possible please provide more registration numbers. I can see a lot of women waiting for getting a number, but soon the distribution of numbers is finished. Thank you again.

Note: The Clinic hands out registration numbers every morning for appointments. Patients who do not receive a registration number have to come back the next day.