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Two Trees art book

In 2010 Australian artists presented a set of folding books to the women of the Vocational Training Centre in Kabul. They asked them to use their newly acquired skills to write their personal stories into the books. Their work is documented in this lavishly illustrated coffee table book, a vivid testimony of friendship between the women of Afghanistan and Australia.

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Read how the book was conceived and see some of the artwork shown in the book with the accompanying text.


Two Trees



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"This book will stand the ages and will serve as a landmark publication. A noble book."
Dr. Nahid Afrose Kabir, International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding, University of South Australia

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WIndows into Afghanistan Windows into Afghanistan

Afghanistan: 30 years of conflict, suicide bombings, civil war. That is what we see on our television screens, hear on the radio, read in the newspapers. Is there any hope?

Since 2004 SAWA-Australia, the Support Association for the Women of Afghanistan, has raised funds to enable the women of that war-torn country to make a difference.

This booklet was put together by the South Australian branch of SAWA-Australia to document a new Afghanistan. Fighting and terror will still be a daily occurrence, but hidden behind the violent images of our daily news are the beginnings of a new society. It is this new society that this booklet wants to show.

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