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OPAWC participated in a gathering against the latest brutal incident concerning women and Farkhunda's case in the country. The gathering was arranged by civil society institutions and the Afghan Women Network (AWN) on 8 November 2015.

OPAWC being a women's organization considers it its responsibility to raise its voice against any violation of women's rights in the country.

The brutal killing of Farkhunda in the capital city, who was accused of burning the Quran, the stoning to death of Rokhshana in Ghor province for being not prepared to marry an old man and preferring to marry the man of her choice, the beheading of Shokria, a young girl of nine years, and many other innocent people of our Hazara nation has increased the anger of women's institutions who are trying to struggle for a change.

The slogans of the gathering were Justice for Farkhunda is the immunity for women and We want justice for Rukhshana and Farkhunda.

Farkhunda appeal

Farkhunda appeal