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An OPAWC representative participated in the First Literacy Initiative for Empowerment (LIFE) Forum Meeting  on 25 August 2015. In this meeting high ranking members of the ministry of Education - Deputy for Literacy (DMoL) and many members of literacy institutions and supporters participated.

The Deputy for Literacy, H.E Muhammad Azim Karbalai, presented updates on National Literacy, Provincial Literacy and District Literacy Committees.

There were several discussions by UNESCO representatives and DMoL on the National Literacy Strategy Implementation Plan, also discussion on Compulsory Literacy for all, and discussion on planning for the celebration of International Literacy Day (ILD). Short presentations were given by each literacy institution including OPAWC, who talked about the latest achievements, a contribution much appreciated by the audience.

OPAWC was critical of the presentation given by UNESCO and LIFE that suggested thousands of literacy courses around the country, including courses in insecure provinces. OPAWC's objections, comments and suggestions met with opposition from the audience and UNESCO's representative at first, but at the end of the program, after a long discussion, everyone endorsed OPAWC's view  personally, especially the Director of Education in the Interior Ministry, Gen. Kohdamani.

OPAWC was asked to contribute a theater team to play in the International Literacy Day but OPAWC refused.