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graduationVocational Training Center for Afghan Women

Organization for Promoting Afghan Women's Capabilities

Graduation Ceremony 2014

7 May 2014

The Vocational Training Centre held a marvellous function on 7 May 2014. This year the function to graduate 150 women of the literacy course was different from previous years; the women of OPAWC’s Vocational Training Center arranged it themselves. It was held in the yard of the Vocational Training center and attended by more than 350 women, girls and guests from related ministries.

The women prepared most of the agenda themselves. This shows how much they have grown in their ability, awareness and self-confidence.

There were several speeches, a women's song, a poetry reading, and a theatre performance after which all participants including the high-ranking members of the ministries were in tears.

graduation2014The theatre performance showed the real condition of an Afghan girl. A young girl wants to go to school and become a doctor or teacher, but her father and brother who are illiterate do not allow her to go; only her mother supports her. Eventually she joins a literacy course with the support of her mother but without her father’s knowledge. However, soon after when her father wants to marry her to a drug addict she tries to hang herself, but her teacher arrives in time to stop her from suicide by providing good suggestions and advice to her father. The drama ended with the message to women that rights are not given but have to be taken and that women should gain their rights through their own efforts and struggles.

OPAWC director Latifa Ahmady expressed her sorrows in her speech for the painful incident in Badakhshan where 2700 people were killed in a landslide. She talked about women’s empowerment through education and encouraged women to struggle for their rights. She added that when women are given the opportunity they are capable of performing work better than men and can play an effective role in the social, economic and political sphere.

The Deputy General Head of Programs in Literacy Alabas Jam praised OPAWC for its humanitarian activities and commitment to hard work. He said that OPAWC got the highest scores among NGOs working in the area of women’s support.

The function ended with the distribution of Merit Certificates. The students were happy to receive the result of their hard work and left the function hopeful for a better future with the help of the documents they received.

The performers of the theatre play in front of the banner "Welcome to OPAWC's
8th Certificate Distribution of Literacy and Handicrafts  Courses"

See also two student presentations to the function