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OPAWCOPAWC (Organization for Promoting Afghan Women's Capabilities) is a non-governmental, non-political and not-for-profit NGO working for the empowerment of Afghan women in the fields of education, health care, income generation and more. OPAWC has been serving women inside Afghanistan since 1999. It was registered in Afghanistan in 2002 and in Pakistan in 2005.

OPAWC is active in 3 main fields:

  • Health care: OPAWC's medical teams are active in around 14 provinces of Afghanistan to provide free medical support for the needy people who cannot afford to pay for high treatment charges. In Afghanistan, where a large number of people are surviving under the poverty line, very basic and curable diseases can be fatal due to lack of medicines and doctors. The situation is particularly disastrous in remote villages. With a very low budget, OPAWC is working hard to be of service to a larger number of women and children in remotest parts of Afghanistan and to save the lives of many. OPAWC also established a hospital in Farah province which is a big source of hope for deprived and destitute people in that province.
  • Education: Afghan people have lived for more than two decades in war and especially for six long years under the Taliban, when education was banned for women and girls and the level of education for boys was very low. Afghanistan needs much work in the field of education to revive its education system and educate two illiterate generations. OPAWC is of the opinion that one of its prime focus must be in this field and cares about it more than anything else. OPAWC therefore established a number of schools and literacy courses across Afghanistan and will expand these activities as its financial means permit.
  • Income generating projects: The aim of income generating projects is to empower Afghan women, especially widows, to stand on their own and to learn how to earn money. We support a large number of widows, most of who have been forced to resort to begging on the streets and even prostitution due to war and poverty. Our projects in this field include handicraft workshops, chicken farms, carpet weaving workshops and others.

SAWA (SA) supports an OPAWC Vocational Training Centre in Kabul and a hospital in Farah. More information on OPAWC can be obtained from OPAWC's web site

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