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The girls’ soccer team played their first real professional match this month, against the older and more experienced Afghan National Women’s Team.

Here was an event of historic proportions in this country, the only two women’s teams battling it out as if they could have been anywhere in the world. Such an experience for the girls is unquantifiable, but you could see the magic in their faces and determination.

soccer team

The girls’ karate team has excelled in short order and has achieved orange-belt level in their skills. Plans are in the works now to involve them in nationwide tournaments, as they are just about ready for competition. With the soccer program, karate and the music program our girls are not only enriched, not only given skills to empower them throughout their lives, but these girls perhaps more significantly than any girls anywhere in the world are directly liberated forever from the status of meek servitude and anonymity they would otherwise face.

karate team