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AFCECO’s New Learning Center is in full swing and all the children in our Kabul orphanages have adjusted to the new and expansive life they are leading.

It is difficult to hold back the tears of joy watching several of the children standing before an audience giving their first recital on clarinet, sitar, cello or any of a wide variety of other instruments now available to them. All programs are up and running, including chemistry, biology, physics, math, computer, humanities, English, fine arts, woodcarving, leadership workshop and of course music. Soon we hope to add more arts programs to our offerings, such as drama and photography. We are thankful to those of you who have sent resources such as books and posters for the NLC. Anyone with an old collection of National Geographic Magazines would surely make us happy if you could add this to our resource room. Along with all the activity a score of visitors has come through the NLC to experience this phenomenon unheard of in Afghanistan, including 7 journalists from various European countries wanting to report on positive events in this war-torn land.

learning center