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AFCECO was fortunate to receive a grant from the Canadian Embassy in Kabul for Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) under the title of Young Afghan Women Leadership Development and Distance Education Program. This program provided our girls and boys at our orphanages the opportunity to attend a variety of courses during their two and a half month winter holidays.

 These courses included 8 local courses such as mathematics, world history, poetry, literature, natural sciences, social sciences, English and computer and five distant classes related to donor relations.

There were people who put lots of efforts in this project. We thank all of our local teachers who worked very hard to prepare materials and to teach them to the children. Our very special thanks go to Terry Cardwell and Donna Conklin who dedicated their precious times to teach our online classes. They worked with the children to produce many useful works. Despite in this project both Terry and Donna have always been available to assist us in many of our activities such as editing newsletters or planning events. They always have had active roles in AFCECO.

On February 27th we held the closing ceremony of the Winter Academy. The ceremony was followed by a speech of one of our local teachers, who also is a university lecturer, several music pieces by the children, another short speech by Khalil Hotaki, Canadian Embassy representative for the CFLI project, distribution of prizes for the top students and it ended with a short speech by AFCECO’s representative, Manizha Rahimi. Six students were selected for their outstanding performance during the winter academy. These children subsequently were awarded: Ahmad Zia, Rohia and Aqila for getting the first, second and third highest grades respectively, Shafia and Negina for being the best technical supporting people and finally Zaheer for being the most hard working and caring student

This program was a great opportunity for our children because it enriched their general knowledge in the areas they studied especially the world history class. This class was very useful because it familiarized the children with world wars and other major events that happened throughout the history not taught in the public schools. The results of the final exams of their local courses were astonishing.

We would like to thank again all of the staff involved in this projects and special thanks go to the Canadian Embassy for their generous support. We hope to continue to have these types of projects in the future.

winter academy