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AFCECOAFCECO (Afghan Children's Education and Care Organization) is an Afghan non-profit organization based in Kabul and fully registered since 2008 with AISA - the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s official registration agency. It operates orphanages for girls and boys in various cities of Afghanistan. Its goal is to educate a large number of poor girls and boys over time, with the aim to create a civilian leadership, Afghan doctors, midwives, engineers, journalists, professionals who will not become expatriates but remain in their beloved country out of a deep sense of Khawk, what all Afghans long for: their homeland’s earth beneath their feet.

AFCECO's founding director Andeisha Farid opened her first "foster haven" in 2004 in Pakistan. An Afghan native who had grown up in war and displacement, her dream was to come up with an innovative way to help vulnerable Afghan children, in this case orphaned refugees. Fortunately Andeisha became known to CharityHelp International (CHI), a US non-governmental organization that funds programs through a child sponsorship program. This allows individuals from around the world to form bonds with the child of their choice, and participate in sustaining the orphanage by paying some or all of the cost of providing that child with her or his needs.

AFCECO is recognized internationally, having been featured on NBC’s Nightly News as well as the Today Show. Andeisha was honored with a Vital Voices award in Washington’s Kennedy Center, with founding partner Hillary Clinton participating. Andeisha was then invited to attend a summit on entrepreneurship, where President Obama cited her work in the speech he delivered to the international community. Awards and recognition have continued, including a Women’s Mentorship award through Goldman Sachs and Fortune magazine, along with invitations to summit meetings/workshops in India, Turkey, Italy and Nepal.

SAWA (SA) supports university students from AFCECO foster havens with scholarships. More information on AFCECO can be obtained from AFCECO's web site

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