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the SAWAN 2015

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No. 48 (November)
  • National news
    • SAWA's friends are safe after the earthquake
    • Sponsored students try to build their future
    • SAWA promotes Frame by Frame, a
      documentary about life in Afghanistan today
    • SAWA's work recognized by the Senate
    • Send SAWA cards and gifts at Christmas!
  • News from SAWA-Australia (SA)
    • Successful fundraising dinner in Adelaide
    • Documentary screened in Perth and Hobart,
      forthcoming in Melbourne and Adelaide
    • A concert for Christmas in Adelaide
  • News from SAWA-Australia (NSW)
    • Pakistan expelling Afghan refugees and effect on Hewad School
    • News from SAWA (NSW)
    • Dates for diary
No. 47 (August)
  • National news
    • Government schools and Taliban control
    • Student scholarships bring happiness
    • Fundraising movie events around the country
  • News from SAWA-Australia (SA)
    • Graduation at the Vocational Training Centre
    • SAWA (SA) convener reports on Hamoon Clinic
  • News from SAWA-Australia (NSW)
    • RAWA, founder of Hewad School
    • SAWA-NSW’s Christmas in July dinner and silent auction
    • Dates for diary
No. 46 (May)
  • National news
    • Amnesty report: Security replaces Development as priority political objective
    • More women forced into begging in the streets
  • News from SAWA-Australia (SA)
    • The Vocational Training Centre strengthens its security through ties with the local community
    • Hamoon Clinic report for 2014
  • News from SAWA-Australia (NSW)
    • A Student’s Courage in Face of Taliban persecution
    • SAWA-NSW art sale
    • Dates for diary
No. 45 (February)
  • National news
    • Britain comes home from a war without gain
    • New student sponsorships for the new year
    • USA maintain "offensive capability"
    • 10 years SAWA-Australia, a visual history
    • A poem: The Women's Song
  • News from SAWA-Australia (SA)
    • Meet our patron Senator Penny Wright
    • Donations to SAWA (SA) now tax-deductible
    • An ultrasound scanner for Hamoon Clinic
  • News from SAWA-Australia (NSW)
    • Afghan women
    • Annual NSW SAWA lunch
    • Dates for diary