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the SAWAN 2011

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No. 32 (November)
  • National news
    • Report from Hewad High School
    • A visit to the Vocational Training Centre
    • Hamoon Clinic, a new SAWA support project
    • Tapaye Zanabad — the hill that women built
  • News from SAWA-Australia (SA)
    • Malalai Joya in Hobart
    • Malalai Joya in Adelaide
    • SAWA (SA) Adelaide goes South!
  • News from SAWA-Australia (NSW)
    • Malalai Joya Speaking Tour
    • Hewad High School
    • SAWA dinner 18 May
    • New website for SAWA (NSW)
    • Notice of Annual General Meeting
    • Sixth Anual SAWA Lunch
No. 31 (August)
  • National news
    • Malalay Joya comes to Australia
    • USA abandon support for Afghanistan's women; USAID classifies women's rights a "pet project"
    • Women imprisoned for "crimes of morality"
  • News from SAWA-Australia (SA)
    • Samira talks to SAWA supporters in Perth
    • SAWA Adelaide participated in Refugee Week
    • English classes at the Vocational Training Centre
    • Computer course at the Vocational Training Centre
  • News from SAWA-Australia (NSW)
    • Malalai Joya visit to NSW
    • SAWA (NSW) and Malalai Joya
    • Donations
    • SAWA Dinner 18 May
    • An Invitation to support ActionAid
    • Malalai Joya speaks on "Human Rights and The Position of Women in Afghanistan Today"
No. 30 (May)
  • National news
    • International Women's Day in Kabul
    • International Women's Day at Hewad High School
    • New proposed laws: a dangerous step backwards
  • News from SAWA-Australia (SA)
    • Sweetest Embrace in Aldinga
    • A visit to Kabul
    • BHP-Billiton matched giving, a reminder
    • SAWA events in Perth and Adelaide
  • News from SAWA-Australia (NSW)
    • International Women’s Day Centenary
    • Women’s shelters
    • Fundraising for Hewad High School
No. 29 (February)
  • National news
    • Dialogue through art: Australian and Afghan women share their world through images and text
    • A student profile from Hewad High School
    • New membership arrangements
    • New donation arrangements
  • News from SAWA-Australia (SA)
    • Fundraising dinner in Adelaide
    • Partnership with Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA
    • Thank you to donors and helpers
  • News from SAWA-Australia (NSW)
    • Afghanistan: Paralegal training and community education on violence against women
    • Fifth Annual SAWA Lunch in Sydney
    • Hewad High School
    • Lunch for Malalai Joya
    • Human Rights education in Afghanistan