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the SAWAN 2010

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No. 28 (November)
  • Elections in Afghanistan, an eyewitness report
  • The Stella Watson party at the Vocational Training Centre, a great success
  • Donations to SAWA are now tax-deductible
  • The new committee of SAWA-Australia (SA)
  • Reports from local groups and donors
  • New greeting cards available
  • SAWA-Australia now also incorporated in NSW
  • We die so that, a poem by Elyas Alavi
No. 27 (August)
  • Photos from Hewad High School
  • Kabul in the 1950s and 1960s
  • Big plans for the Vocational Training Centre
  • Why foreign forces are a threat to the future of Afghanistan's women
  • Malalai Joya receives recognition in Spain
  • Reports from local groups and donors
  • She had beautiful eyes, a poem by Elyas Alavi
No. 26 (May)
  • International Women's Day 2010 in Kabul
  • A visit to Hewad High School
  • A visit to the Vocational Training Centre
  • The right to be educated, three personal stories
  • Law to pardon war crimes comes into force
  • Reports from local groups and donors
  • SAWA joins BHP Billiton's Matched Giving Program
  • SAWA financial statement for 2009
  • New "Background" section on SAWA's website
No. 25 (February)
  • Personal stories from the Vocational Training Centre
  • Family tragedy at Hewad High School
  • UN: Public space for Afghan women is shrinking
  • UNICEF: Afghanistan especially dangerous for girls
  • Women lead protest against government corruption
  • Reports from local groups
  • Visit of SAWA secretary Barbara James to the USA