Support Association for the Women of Afghanistan, help Afghan women, literacy, education

the SAWAN 2009

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No. 24 (October)
  • Women journalists threatened
  • Computers in Hewad High School
  • What does the average Afghan think of the foreign presence in their country?
  • Birthing kit assembly in Castlemaine
  • Fundraising ideas
  • The fundraiser (organized by RAWA), a poem
  • Contact addresses and reports from local groups
No. 23 (August)
  • RAWA member Shazia speaks in Australia
  • Handicraft production at the Vocational Training Centre
  • Situation of women and girls deteriorates
  • The Voice of the Voiceless, report on Shazia's visit by Zonta member Jodi Knoop
  • Local groups report on Shazia's visit
  • Bleeding Afghanistan, a book by Sonali Kolhatkar and James Ingalls
  • Raising my Voice, a book by Malalai Joya
  • A thank you to our supporters
  • Around the World in 60 Minutes: fundraising in Adelaide
  • SAWA starts local groups in all states
  • SAWA now on Facebook
  • Bits and pieces from the media
No. 22 (May)
  • The draft Shia Family Law and women's rights
  • AFCECO's orphanages
  • International Women's Day in Hewad High School
  • Taliban threaten co-education
  • April fundraising night in Adelaide
  • Birthing kit packing in Sydney
  • SAWA financial statement for 2008
No. 21 (February)
  • Computer course at Hewad High School
  • Where do refugees go when they go home?
  • Birthing kits
  • An urgent appeal for the Vocational Training Centre
  • Fundraising around the country