Support Association for the Women of Afghanistan, help Afghan women, literacy, education

the SAWAN 2008

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No. 20 (November)
  • Successful fundraising in Sydney
  • Recognition for SAWA secretary Barbara James
  • An invitation from OEEGA
  • Computers for Hewad High School
  • New SAWA greeting cards
  • A visit to Kabul, October 2008
  • First semester results handed out at the Vocational Training Centre
No. 19 (August)
  • Khewa camp abandoned
  • Is Australia supporting the wrong forces?
  • Labor, Liberals and Malalay Joya; a documentation
  • Much fundraising activity around the country
  • New photos from Hewad High School
  • Loreto College gets letters from Hewad School
  • Afghan handicraft for sale
No. 18 (May)
  • RAWA celebrates International Women's Day
  • Harsh winter and rising food prices mean despair for many widows
  • The Vocational Training Center opens its doors
  • Help us to give computers to Hewad High School!
  • Fundraising in NSW, Queensland and South Australia
  • SAWA's tax deductibility status and related changes to its constitution
  • SAWA financial statement for 2007
No. 17 (February)
  • RAWA opens a Vocational Training Centre in Kabul
  • News from Hewad High School
  • More birthing kits for rural Afghan women
  • Fundraising for RAWA in Inverloch, Victoria; CITCSA support in Adelaide
  • Young Afghan journalist condemned to death
  • Oxfam: too much aid to Afghanistan wasted, growing corruption, no security
  • UNICEF's photo of the year 2007