Support Association for the Women of Afghanistan, help Afghan women, literacy, education

the SAWAN 2004

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No. 4 (October)
  • Poem: The plight of the Afghan woman
  • An insight into Kabul University
  • More values taught in RAWA schools
  • "Weddings" Afghan style, an eyewitness report
  • Afghanistan: Traditional birth attendant programme opens
  • "Ignite the flame" - fundraising in Sydney
No. 3 (July)
  • Afghan women athletes to Athens
  • Recent awards and recognition for RAWA
  • Policies taught in RAWA schools
  • The voice of Afghan women reaches Fiji
  • Mildura happenings
  • Latest news from Afghanistan
No. 2 (April)
  • RAWA speaking tour
  • News from Afghanistan
  • SAWA fundraising
  • Mildura nurse worked in Afghanistan
  • Letter from Amnesty International
No. 1 (February)
  • What is SAWA-Australia?
  • SAWA excited by Afghan visit
  • SAWA fundraising
  • Letter from Canada
  • Letter from Anne Brodsky, author of "With all our Strength"
  • What your money buys in Afghanistan