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Donations, Membership Application and Membership Renewal

New membership application or one-off donation

Please go to our membership application form and follow the instructions.

Please note that new membership fee covers the period until 30 June and has to be paid in full. New members who join between 1 April and 30 June receive free membership until 30 June and have their first payment allocated to the following 12 month (July to June) period.

If you only want to donate you can ignore the membership part of the form. Donations can also be made online.

Renewal of membership

Membership fees are for 12 months from July to June; payment is due in June. Please select your membership category (and mail option if required) and click on submit:

* membership category:

SAWAN mail delivery (optional):

Members receive the quarterly newsletter (the SAWAN) by email. Members who prefer to have the SAWAN sent in printed form by mail, and possibly additional copies to give to friends, should select the number of copies they require. Print copy delivery incurs a flat annual charge of $10 for up to four copies.

Members without email should fill out and mail our membership application form and will receive the SAWAN delivered by mail without charge.