Support Association for the Women of Afghanistan, help Afghan women, literacy, education

SAWA-Australia (SA) is honoured to have Penny Wright as its patron.

Senator Penny WrightPenny Wright has had a life-long commitment to justice and social justice, both in Australia and globally.
As a lawyer, Penny often worked in the ‘little end' of town, with those who live on the margins of society - people on low incomes, people with mental illnesses and people who have been dealt a tough hand by life. She has also championed global development and human rights for many years through her involvement with Oxfam and Amnesty International.
Penny has been a Senator for South Australia from 2010 until August 2015, when she retired from the position because of illness in her family. She was also a member of the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights, a co-convenor of the parliamentary Amnesty International group and the Chair of the Senate’s Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee. She is the Australian Greens national spokesperson for Mental Health, Legal Affairs and Schools and is passionate about Australia being a nation where every person can participate fully in their community and fulfil their unique potential.
Penny is delighted to have the opportunity to assist SAWA with its valuable work on behalf of Afghan women and girls. 

On 20 August 2015, her last day as Senator for South Australia, Penny moved a motion in support of SAWA's work that was unanimously supported:
I move — that the Senate —  (a) notes:
(i) that the costs of political unrest fall disproportionately on the rights and wellbeing of women, and
(ii) that the Support Association for the Women of Afghanistan (SAWA) – Australia was established in 2004, and that SAWA – Australia (South Australia) was set up in 2010 as its first state branch;
(b) acknowledges the valuable work of these organisations, dedicated to raising funds and awareness for human rights, education, nutrition, health, safety and improving the self-esteem of Afghanistan's women and children; and
(c) acknowledges and welcomes the ongoing work of Professor Matthias Tomczak in his role as convener of SAWA – Australia (South Australia) and as a leader in promoting the rights and wellbeing of women in Afghanistan.

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