Barakat Nabi


My name is Barakat; I am 19 years old. I joined AFCECO’s orphanage in 2004. I am from Nuristan, one of the backward provinces of Afghanistan called near to the Himalayan Mountains. My father died because of a heart attack six years ago. Currently my sister is suffering from TB, so I have to travel quite often to my village to bring medicines for my sister from Kabul since there is no hospital in Nuristan. Most of the Nuristani people have to travel to other provinces of the country or to Pakistan for treatment when they get sick, which costs them  a lot of money and sometimes their lives.

I finished high school and chose to study law at university so that I can get into parliament in the future and be able to help my people.

Barakat works at AFCECO's main office in Kabul and is also the transport manager. He is enrolled in a Bachelor of Law at the Gharjistan Institute of Higher Education.