Rima Safi


My name is Rima. I was born in a refugee camp of Peshawar in Pakistan. My father sold vegetables in a wheelbarrow in Peshawar, where I went to an Afghan school for refugees. In 2008 my family moved back to Afghanistan. The place where my family comes from is a remote area of Jalalabad called Dara-e-Nur. There is no school in Dara-eNur that I and my siblings could attend, but my family could not afford to live in Jalalabad, so they had to live in Dara-e-Nur. My parents work on their small land to grow crops and feed the family; this is the only source of income for them.

I joined the AFCECO orphanage in Jalalabad with my brother and sister but moved to Kabul orphanages because of changes in Jalajabad. I just finished high school and want to study stomatology to become a dentist. When I finish university I would like to go back to my village and help the people there. My biggest dream is to open a school in the village.

Rima works as assistant to the health manager, taking children to doctors and solving health issues at the orphanage. As all the other graduates she helps in daily works of the orphanage as well.She is enrolled for a Major in dentistry at the Raazi Health Care Institute.

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