Hajira Zaman


My name is Hajira. I come from Kunar province, which borders with Pakistan. Kunar is currently under Taliban control and is very insecure. There are fights between the bordering polices of both nations and also fights between NATO forces and Taliban. Just in June 2014 Pakistan's military was throwing rockets into Kunar which caused a lot of deaths and injuries among the civilians.

I joined an AFCECO orphanage when I was eight years old and now I am nineteen. I have six sisters and one six year old brother. My father is very old and works as peasant on the fields of a local landlord. Recently my uncle died and now my father has to take care of his brother’s family as well, and two of my uncle’s children are in AFCECO orphanages. I finished high school and now want to go to university. I am the only educated girl in the family and the only one to be consulted on important issues of my family.

AFCECO is proud to see girls like Hajira and especially her family, including her father, seeking advice from her in a country where women are intended to be half of men. This shows how education brings power and awareness to one’s life. Hajira works part-time at Mehan orphanage assisting the communication team. She organizes video calls between the children and sponsors. She is enrolled for a Major in dentistry at the Raazi Health Care Institute.

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